Parish Organizations

*All groups go on break the month of July.

Alliance of the Two Hearts
Meets every 1st Friday-Saturday of the month with 9:00pm Latin Mass and Vigil Adoration.

Cub Scouts/Scouts BSA
A co-ed scouting program for youth to 12th grade
Meets every Wednesday at 6:30pm
Coordinator: Fernando

Pro-Life Ministry
Rosary for Life in the chapel every Tuesday after the 7:30am Mass

Rosary Makers
Meets every Wednesday at 8:30am
Coordinator: Conrad

Knights of Columbus
Catholic men’s organization meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month. Coordinator: Luis

Our Lady of Fatima Missions
Meets in the church every 1st Saturday at 6:00am and from May-October meets every 13th of the month at 6:00am
Coordinator: Raquel

Please go to the parish office to schedule the Quinceañera Mass/Liturgy, from three to six months before the desired date. The young lady must have had her Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation or be in preparation for Confirmation in order to request the Mass/Liturgy. Depending on the availability of the Church, the Mass/ Liturgy is held on Friday afternoons or Saturday during the day. Please do not set a date for the Quinceañera before speaking with the parish office.

The Loved Flock-Las Vegas
Charismatic prayer group meets every last Saturday of the month at 4:00pm Mass.
Coordinator: Myrna

Organizaciones Parroquiales

*En el mes de julio, todos los grupos toman Descanso.

Clamor en el Desierto (Spanish young adults group)
Se reúnen los martes a las 7:00pm
Coordinadora: Guadalupe

Grupo San Pedro (Spanish Prayer group)
Se reúnen los lunes a las 6:30pm
Coordinadora: Natalia

Madres y Padres Orantes (Spanish Praying Group)
Meets in the Chapel every Monday from 12:00pm-1:00pm
Coordinadora: Avelina

Por favor de ir a la oficina parroquial para programar la Misa/Liturgia de Quince Años, de tres a seis meses antes de la fecha deseada. La joven tiene que tener Bautizo, Primera Comunión y Confirmación o estar en preparación para la Confirmación para solicitar la misa/liturgia. La misa/liturgia son los Viernes por las tardes o los Sábado en el día, según la disponibilidad de la Iglesia. Favor de no fijar fecha para la Quinceañera antes de hablar con la oficina parroquial.

Serán los Dos Uno (Spanish Marriage group)
Se reúnen los martes a las 6:30pm
Coordinadora: Yolanda