CSA 2020

01-16-2020Pastor's LetterMsgr. Gregory W. Gordon

Dear Parishioners,

The Catholic Stewardship Appeal, CSA, is the annual appeal for the Diocese of Las Vegas, and an important aspect of Saint Anne parish life. The 2020 Catholic Stewardship Appeal, in our Diocese’s Silver Jubilee year, helps us to be good stewards in many Diocesan apostolates. Our parish assessment for 2020, based on our parish’s income last year, is $85,955, an increase from last year’s goal, but I believe it’s something we can meet and exceed. With this letter, I invite every family of Saint Ann’s to participate in the CSA in accord with your blessings from the Lord.

All funds received which exceed the diocesan assessment come back to Saint Anne parish, 100%, in the form of a CSA Rebate. This year, the rebate to Saint Anne from the Catholic Stewardship Appeal will be used for the following project: