Farewell from Father Mugagga

06-30-2019Pastor's LetterFr. Mugagga Lule

Dear Parishioners of St. Anne Catholic Church,

I am extending my sincere thanks and appreciation for the good welcome you gave to me when I arrived at this Parish almost three years ago. Thank you for the love you have given to me during my stay here. I have enjoyed my time here because of your sincere love and care.

Now that I have been transferred to Prince of Peace Catholic Church, I will miss you all. However, it is the same mission that continues: the mission of Christ and His Church. I exhort you to always remain faithful to Jesus Christ and his Church by being faithful to the Truth he revealed to us. This Truth is our salvation. It is the Truth that sets us free from our sinfulness. There is no salvation without faithfulness to the Truth that Jesus Christ revealed to us. It is this Truth that Mother Church proclaims to us in the Mystical Body, the Church as well. There is too much confusion today about the path a Christian should take. This confusion does not come from Truth itself. It comes from rebellion against Truth. I urge you to study, to know, and to love the Truth and to continue to put your lives at its service. This is the will of God for each and every one of us. If we do this, we are on the right path to salvation, for his will is our life and our salvation.

Pray for me as I pray for you, for that day to come when all of us will meet our God after the struggle, to praise him for all eternity.

Fr. Mugagga Lule

Farewell, Father Mugagga

06-16-2019Pastor's LetterMsgr. Gregory W. Gordon

Bishop Thomas has assigned our beloved associate Father Mugagga Lule to Prince of Peace parish as associate pastor, beginning July 1. We will all miss him. He has become a true friend and spiritual Father to us all these past three years. We will have a farewell for him after Masses the weekend of June 29-30. Know that you are always welcome here at Saint Anne, Father Mugagga.

Welcome, Father McShane

Bishop Thomas has assigned Father John McShane to us at Saint Anne full time, beginning July 1, taking Father Mugagga’s place assisting in hospital and parish ministry. Father McShane has been a long-time visitor to Saint Anne’s. We now can welcome Father McShane to Saint Anne’s, and back to Las Vegas, permanently. We are very happy that he will be an official part of the ‘Saint Anne Team’.


Father's Day

06-09-2019Pastor's LetterMsgr. Gregory W. Gordon

Dear Saint Anne Family,

On Sunday, June 16, we celebrate Father’s Day. We remember all our fathers, living and deceased, in prayer on that day. At Saint Anne Parish, a Novena of Masses for our fathers will be offered beginning Father’s Day. You may enroll your father or grandfather in our Father’s Day Novena, place their names on the enclosed envelope, and return it to the parish through offertory or parish office. Any offering may be made. The names of your fathers or grandfathers will be kept upon our Altar for nine days, from Sunday, June 16 through Monday, June 24.

Father’s Day Mass Cards, with prayer messages in English or Spanish, are available in baskets in the Church sanctuary if you wish to send your father this spiritual gift of a Novena Mass Card remembrance.