Our Lenten Journey

03-17-2019Pastor's Letter Msgr. Gregory W. Gordon

Dear Saint Anne Parish Family,

As we journey through this holy season of Lent, I pray that this time is one of blessings for you. Wednesday March 6, Ash Wednesday, begins this moment of penance and prayer. In the Lenten week prior to Holy Week, on Wednesday April 10, at 5:00 PM, we will celebrate our Lenten Penance Service. Seven priests will hear confessions until 8:00 PM. We invite everyone to come and receive reconciliation in the Lord this Lent.

We celebrate Palm Sunday on April 14. The Palm Sunday Mass schedule follows our Saint Anne parish Sunday schedule. Palm fronds will be available at the Church doors and in the vestibule of the Church before all Masses. Our Saint Anne Youth Group will offer for a donation hand-made Palm Crosses after Mass; this helps to support their Holy Week Encierro retreat activities.


A letter from Bishop Thomas

03-03-2019Pastor's LetterMost Reverend George Leo Thomas, PhD

Dear Friends in Christ,

At this time, S.B. 165 is being heard before the Nevada State Senate.

In a word, the bill allows a person over 18 years of age to request from a doctor a prescription to end his or her life, following a diagnosis of terminal illness and accompanied by the opinion of two physicians stating that the person has less than six months to live.

This legislation designed to end the life of a patient is being billed as “medical treatment.”

Most people in our society, regardless of their faith background, realize that prevailing on doctors to prescribe lethal medications is in direct conflict to a doctor’s duty to “do no harm” and to treat the ill and vulnerable to the best of their ability.

In other venues where assisted suicide has been legalized, the case for assisted suicide has been expanded to include depression, mental illness, non-lethal illness and the financial burden of medical treatment. The poor are particularly vulnerable to the prospects of this reality.